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practiceIt’s hard to continue a dental practice without new patients. However famous you are, there has to be a regular flow of patients for any business to survive. Advertising and marketing have to be planned and conducted very carefully. You need to make sure that the business is not dependent on a few patients only. There are some simple yet effective methods which you can adopt to increase the turnover of patients. NDP has many tips to help you answer queries about dental care.

Focus on patients

The main trick to attract patients to your clinic is to focus on the patients more than on yourself. You should focus on the annoyances, problems, confusion and frustrations patients face. Patients need to talk about their problems when they consult a dentist. The mental satisfaction they receive from this vent out is the main factor which attracts patients to consult the same dentist over and over again. Giving patients a clear idea about the kind of treatment they can expect, the cost of the treatments, the pain, waiting time involved, the after effects of the treatments and many other queries will help to distinguish your service from others.

Brochures, pamphlets, name cards

There is not going to be a major rush of patients to your clinic if you advertise your name first. Unless you are a world famous personality, people will not notice your name. They will check brochures or pamphlets which talk about their problems and which offer help to their issues. Keep these as the main headlines and project them in bold letters. You will be surprised to see the response of people when you address their main issues.

Offers that will not affect your profit

We talked about pamphlets above. It is a common nature of people to ignore pamphlets which do not have any catchy discounts or offers. There will not be a genuine interest created if people are simply provided with the name of your clinic and the contact number. You need to provide discounts or offers that will interest customers .However take care to note that this is not going to affect your practice and profit. You may offer a free consultation for the first visit or a free dental clean up when they book or register for services. The prospective patients need a reason to call your clinic. If you provide them with a catchy one, you can be assured that they will visit soon. Once they visit, they can be sustained with your expertise, treatment provided and hospitality offered.


It isn’t surprising that often all of us look right at the bottom of any pamphlet to know what extra is being offered or what the most important content would be. The P.S part of the pamphlet will be noted first. So it is a good idea to include such notes at the end.

Check on your patients personally

It will add a personal touch to your marketing strategy if you or a qualified staff from your clinic could call upon patients and follow up on their progress. People get so motivated when they know you are concerned about their health and well-being.

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