Aug 092016


The time for a seasonal change has just arrived. This mandates a change in the wardrobe, home, food and everything around. When it comes to preparing the home for a seasonal change many important factors have to be considered. Fastening the air leaks through windows and doors is vital for an energy efficient home. To achieve energy efficiency, all minute air leaks have to be discovered. This, in turn, reduces money spent on monthly utility bills and conforms to the energy efficient status. Look out for old windows that require a replacement with vinyl windows.

Be vigilant

Begin with a visual inspection primarily to detect air leaks at both the internal and external parts of the home. Monitor the exterior caulking unit, cracks between window or door casings, damaged weather stripping unit of the windows, old single-paned windows and the brink below every door. If air leaks are found, then the home is susceptible to severe heat loss. Signs of daylight entering through the opening is an indication of air leak.

Some leaks cannot be detected through visual inspection. In such cases go for a simple smoke test. Close all possible ways by which air enters and switch on the exhausts and air vents to expel air away. With the help of a lit incense stick look for a prominent difference in the way the stick burns. In the presence of an air leak, the smoke waivers and it’s drawn inwards. If there are no air leaks, then the smoke remains unaltered.

An infrared thermometer can be used near the window and door frames to indicate air leaks. In the case of air leak, thermometer records a colder temperature revealing a susceptible area for energy loss. Hiring a technician to detect air leaks provide more accurate results. At the end make sure to discover all air leaks and seal them up tightly for a cozy energy efficient home.

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