Oct 132016

We all know how important the field of Dentistry is in the maintenance of overall health and happiness. Face it, anyone who’s ever had a toothache will tell you how it led to a headache, which in turn led to fatigue followed by a host of other physical and, lest we forget, emotional distress! This is probably why the medical field of Oral-Dentistry has existed since the time of the dawn of human history. Archeological records from civilizations as ancient as those of The Sumerians and The Egyptians prove how even the most basic dental practices were deemed vital enough to be performed on the population that existed way back then.

But, the concept of Oral Health and Hygiene has undergone tremendous change over the past few years. Today Dentistry itself has many categories of dentists like General Dentists, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Orthodontists, etc., each offering a specialist service in the field of oral hygiene. In recent years there have been several technological advancements in the field, prompting many to rethink the way they conduct the dental practice. Dentists across America, especially in states like Texas, are now implementing cutting-edge technology while treating their patients. Now there are so many clinics, that even a simple search on Google with words like orthodontist in Plano TX, will turn up an astounding number of results.

But, application of new technology always comes with a price. The question to be asked here, especially if you are a dentist, either currently running or thinking of starting a dental practice, is:
Are You Ready To Face Any And Every Contingency?

Today, more and more institutions are turning to “paper-less” administration, i.e. computers and servers are being widely used to store and manage information. These techniques are now being significantly utilized by hospitals and clinics all around the world. Today, Dental-clinics too have got a huge range of computerized services designed to make the administration of the clinic as effortless as possible. Many clinics have already started adopting management-system softwares like Dentrix, Carestream Health, Open Dental and DentiMax.

These softwares are designed to perform a variety of vital and routine tasks like:
Patient Registration: This essential feature allows the registration of patients whereby essential details like personal details, current illness, health history and insurance information can be uploaded electronically.
Periodontal Charting: This is cool feature that shows graphical images of the patient’s periodontal chart and can include 3D modeling of the patient’s teeth.
Documentation: Any reports concerning the patient’s treatment, progress, scheduled feed-backs etc., can be managed by using softwares having this feature.
Automated prescriptions: A software that has this feature would allow dentists to create and send prescription notes via an electronic prescription pad, thereby effectively reducing the amount of paper being used.
Scheduling: An important feature, this allows the office- staff to schedule patient appointments with an electronic calendar.
Billing/Claims: Dental clinics can now electronically generate treatment invoices and submit claims to insurance companies for reimbursement.

Dental Clinics worldwide have stared reaping the benefits of these cost-effective features by incorporating The Dental Software System.

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