Oct 142016

oral-healthOral health is very important for the health of body and well-being in life. Keeping our mouth healthy provides the necessary nutrition that is required for your body and also improves the general feeling of being healthy. Mouth serves as the gateway to the rest of the body and provides signals on the health conditions of the body. The presence of various components in the body can be detected by checking the saliva. A regular visit to the dentist should be a part of your annual health check-up. Clermont pediatric dentist can help you to take care of your little one’s dental woes.

Bacteria from the mouth can result in infections on other parts of the body when the immune system is not very powerful. There are many systemic conditions to which the periodontal diseases can be linked. Diseases such as cancer and heart diseases can be detected from the oral diseases.

Mouth and body are inter-related and those careful strategies must be followed for keeping your body healthy. If an understanding of the fact that oral and general body health is linked, it can help us know how important oral health is. The traditional oral health campaigns are associated with taking care of teeth and gums apart from other health programs.

Common Risk Factor Approach addresses most of the common health diseases that are associated with oral health. Instead of targeting the treatment of the disease, it is targeted at promoting overall health conditions. Therefore, this approach is more efficient than any other disease-based approach.

Some of the advantages of common risk factor approach are that most of the chronic diseases generally have multiple risk factors that are associated with it. One risk factor can result into many diseases. Sometimes, all the risk factors interact with each other and synergistically. The common risk factor approach provides a rationale to come up with a multi-sector health relationship between general public and health professionals.

This approach covers various aspects. One of the most widespread chronic diseases is following a proper diet. Risk factors associated with improper diet are coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and stroke. Chewing or Smoking Tobacco can result in lung cancer, many oral diseases, heart disease and respiratory problems. Maintaining general oral conditions is also important. Any other injuries, stress can also have an adverse effect.

Diet is a major contributor to many diseases. A proper diet must provide the necessary nutrients that are required for the body to maintain health. Deficiency diseases such as anemia, osteoporosis is mostly due to the eating habits. Over eating can also lead to obesity which is also a major health factor. This also increases the risk of getting type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Understanding the good pyramid will help in eating better by consuming more fruits and vegetables rather than any other junk items. The narrow top shelf shows the consumption of fat which has to be less and bottom portion has carbohydrates which have to be consumed more. By eating properly, you can avoid getting many diseases and protect your body.

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